Saturday, January 28, 2012

Tippy toes and why teachers drink

I've had a blog site since this summer, but due to my busy life   insecurities about what to write, I chose to be "private" (and stalk learn from everyone else). I'm now sticking my tippy-toes into the blogging waters and we'll see what happens!
I decided to post to myself to bloggyland because I awoke this morning to see I had 3 followers (huh?)!

Today: no pearls of wisdom, no creative lessons, no educational "ahas!" . . . just a posting a friend shared with me about why teachers drink (these are real - mainly middle/high school - I think it's because no one would believe the examples primary teachers would write!!!)


  1. Haha! I could add a few reasons to that! =) You have to just take a leap of faith and start blogging away! You'll be amazed at the support you get. The best way to gain followers is to comment, comment, comment! =)


  2. These are perfect. This was worth the read. Today was draining so this just about made me want to come back tomorrow.